Installation and Usage

A bookmarklet is a link that contains JavaScript. When a bookmarklet link is activated, the browser runs the JavaScript code that it contains.

In each of the five rectangles below, the label in its upper-right corner is an Accessibility Bookmarklet link. The labels are: Landmarks, Headings, Lists, Images and Forms. Each bookmarklet link must be installed separately, but you can successively install any combination of them to suit your needs.

The most common way of installing a bookmarklet is to drag and drop the bookmarklet link into your browser's bookmarks or favorites toolbar. The shortcut for toggling the display of the bookmarks toolbar in Chrome, Firefox and Safari is Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + B.

There are alternative, browser-specific installation methods such as copying the link location of the bookmarklet link and pasting it into the Location field of a bookmark that you create using your browser's Bookmark Manager or Show All Bookmarks feature.

  • Highlights all ARIA landmarks, including HTML5 tags that are interpreted as landmarks

  • Highlights all H1 through H6 elements on a page

  • Highlights every ordered list, unordered list, and definition list on a given page, along with how many list items exist for each list

  • Highlights the types of images on a page, along with their alt text

  • Highlights form-related elements and provides information on their associated labelling techniques, grouping labels and ARIA roles

illustration of bookmarklets installation

How to Use

Once installed, these bookmarklets can interact with most web pages.*

  • To activate, click a bookmarklet in your bookmarks or favorites bar
  • To de-activate, simply click it again or refresh your page
  • It will also de-activate when you resize your window or navigate to another page

You can run multiple bookmarklets on the same page at the same time. See the documentation for more about using each bookmarklet.

* Some web pages have Content Security Policies that do not allow web browsers to run inline scripts. Because bookmarklets are functionally equivalent to inline scripts (when activated, they are inserted into the DOM of the web page), the browser will prevent any and all bookmarklets from running on such pages.

Supported Browsers

The drag-and-drop installation works on modern desktop browsers including:

  • Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 9+ on Windows 7, 8.x, and 10
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera on OS X
  • Bookmarklets are not currently supported on iOS and Android mobile devices